The Deluxe Range

Decorational Board Games designed for your wall!


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Each board is designed to suit your photo. The frame is then made, designed to fit all you need to play in the back. Each counter is cut to size from wood and carefully hand painted in colours to match your board.

Each board comes with instructions, x30 counters, x4 dice, x1 doubling dice.

All you need to do it take the board off the wall to play!


30th Birthday Present

The client sent a few photos and we discussed which would work the best.


Once selected, we discussed the frame. They were really into their photography and wanted a simple black frame to go with others on their wall.


The counters were made from wood from their father's orchard.


Board in play.png

Super Bespoke

This Harper's Bazaar print meant a lot to this couple. We bought the print then added the triangles separately. I sent over a variety of colour options to the client and we were both extremely happy with the bold colours in this design.


Each board is approximately 55cm x 45cm x 6cm


Boards start at £130.00 however, this can increase depending on how bespoke we go!